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Amigos de Animales is a registered Canadian charity through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA),  Charitable Registration Number (BN): 779789510RR0001.

Amigos de Animales is an Animal Welfare society and No-Kill Shelter, operating in rural Mexico south of Zihuatanejo, in Barra de Potosí, Guerrero. It was founded by Stasya Briggs and Mike Heiner in May 2014 .


🐾 We rescue suffering, hurt, abused and dying  animals in rural Guerrero in Barra de Potosi and villages around , south of Zihuatanejo and north of Petatlan  . We rehabilitate them and give them home in our shelter until the perfect permanent home is found. If no permanent home is found , we care for them for life. We adopt only to family and home we either meet personally or with great references from our Adopters, Supporters or Guaradian Angels.

🐾 We educate the public, children and adults in rural Guerrero Mexico about animal care.

  • we show it’s GREAT to love your pets
  • we explain it’s NOBLE  to care for stray animals 
  • we teach how to feed and bathe and why to vaccinate and treat for fleas 
  • we teach what spay and neuter is and remind to bring pets and all stray animals to our Spay and Neuter clinics
  • we send a message that abuse and cruelty and violence are not acceptable, neither by people, nor by God, nor by government, it’s a CRIME and will be punished by Law 

🐾 We organize low cost and free Mass Spay and Neuter clinics and sterilize hundreds of dogs and cats every year.  Over 3000 animals were sterilized during our clinics !